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Engineering at Zeus

Work at Zeus and help us modernize the $18B corporate housing industry through use of technology.
Build technologies to modernize the $18B corporate housing industry.

Our challenges

Customer Delight

Customer-centricity drives our work at Zeus. To keep our residents and owners happy, we design and build thoughtful software that solves their problems and is easy to use.

Operational Efficiency

Managing thousands of properties across multiple cities is not easy and the number of properties will only grow. We build tools to support our daily business, sales, and operational needs.

Data Optimization

Data is essential here. We leverage data science and machine learning to optimize our marketplace and customer experience while growing our business rapidly.

Why work at Zeus?

Professional Growth
We offer opportunities for individuals to grow with the company at large. Whether you want to gain experience in new areas, different technologies, or management, we are excited to help you develop in those areas.
Product Decisions
Our engineers are heavily involved in making product decisions and processes. They work closely with product managers, designers, and end-users directly if desired. The products that we ship have immediate real-life impacts.
Work/Life Balance
We believe that enjoying a life outside of work gives you the energy, creativity, and positivity to be at your best when you are at work. Our work hours are flexible and people can work from home or remotely within reason.
Open Communication
We’re a no-secrets company. By giving employees visibility into all aspects of the company, we encourage cross department collaboration and open communication. Our culture thrives on face to face interactions.

Radical openness

We build trust through transparency

We’re a no-secrets company. We encourage cross department collaboration. Our culture thrives on face to face communication and by making information accessible. Our team is always open and we have a culture of giving every employee visibility into all aspects of the company.

Productive & Progressive

We get things done efficiently

We are disciplined. We embrace a natural get-stuff-done attitude — but one focused on priorities, not minutia. We face challenges with optimism and we check our egos at the door.

Technologies we love

Ruby on Rails

Benefits and perks

Engineering locations

We have an engineering team in San Francisco, CA and we are founding one in Vancouver, BC (Canada).

Is Zeus a tech company?

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Is Zeus a tech company?
Yes. We are managing thousands of properties across multiple cities and that number will only increase. Achieving that is only possible by building awesome technologies. Zeus has been tech-oriented from day one thanks to two of our three founders who are technical.
What insurance coverage does Zeus carry?
There are three levels of insurance coverage on every Zeus home: the owner's homeowners insurance, Zeus’ $3,000,000 commercial liability plan, and required individual resident renters insurance.
Want to learn more?
Careers at Zeus

Team traditions

Twice a year, the entire Zeus team meets somewhere new, where we learn about one another, discuss company goals and strategy, and workshop on how to improve our interpersonal dynamics.

Team offsite in Lake Tahoe
Summer 2018

Every quarter, the whole team goes to a new place where we have fun, learn about one another, discuss company strategy, and receive coaching on how to improve our interpersonal dynamics.